Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 Bullet Journal Set-up

My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up
Something wonderful happened in my bullet journal life: my last bullet journal ended cleanly on December 31st, a luxury I didn't have last year. So this new bullet journal felt extra special because I got to start it on the first day of the new year! I have been bullet journaling since May 2016 so I have pretty much figured out the spreads that I like to have at the beginning of my bullet journal and any changes made to them are small changes to make them more functional and perfect.

I am on my fifth bullet journal and my third Scribbles That Matter journal. I really love the paper quality in the Scribbles That Matter and they came out with pastel colors in the last half of 2017 so I was very excited to get a pastel color. Many of my spreads are not created 100% by me, I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and I use Pinterest so much that it's hard to pinpoint where most of these spreads came from.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Key
I began by filling in the key (one of my favorite features of the Scribbles That Matter since I'm not very creative) and the index as needed.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Word of the year and goals
Something new I decided to do this year was choosing a Word of the Year to base my year and my goals off of. I decided on Discipline because I really need more self-discipline in many areas of my life. It's also fitting to have it as the first page in my journal and in the same spread of the 2018 goals page - which I will be filling out when I have my goals better mapped out.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Future Log
Next is my future log. I've been doing it this way since my first Scribbles That Matter and I really like it. It's on two pages so it doesn't take up much space and I have enough room for what I need to keep track of - which are birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Book Challenge and Reading Log
I have tracked my reading since my first bullet journal but this year was the first time I decided to do a Reading Challenge. I already have a post about it here if you want to check out my reading goals and what challenge prompts I am doing. I also used to do the bookshelf design for my book tracker, but it never looked that good when I designed it so I just gave that up completely this year.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Blog planner and Ideas
Next, I have my blog schedule and my blog ideas. Toward the end of last year, I created a blog schedule similar to this and really liked it. I use sticky notes to plan out my posts for the week, what posts I want to do soon, and what posts are currently drafted but aren't going to be scheduled for the upcoming week. I am so happy with how this spread turned out.
I have my all important cleaning schedule and a new side page of different areas of your home to declutter. I like having the cleaning schedule to look back on to see what areas I clean regularly and what to do for each area. As for decluttering, we have accumulated so much junk somehow and it's really piling up so I really need to go through and start decluttering our house. Especially since we will be moving this summer.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Miracle Morning
I have had a miracle morning spread in my bullet journal since my second one. I rarely follow the miracle morning but some mornings or days when I'm having anxiety or I'm having a really motivated day, I'll follow the miracle morning. So I kept it since it is used sometimes. I used to have a level 10 life spread (both ideas come from Hal Elrod) but I seriously never used it. So this time, I didn't bother making it. I also left the facing page blank because I'm going to put my daily schedule there...once I figure it out and figure out how I want it to look.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: TV Show Tracker
Something I always saw on Pinterest that I really liked was the TV Show Tracker. It seemed like a great idea for me because there are a lot of shows that we've started on Netflix but can't finish because Korean Netflix either doesn't have the show at all or doesn't have all the seasons that are out. I also track shows we are currently watching just in case Korean Netflix takes it off. I haven't filled it out and it'll be something I fill out slowly as it can be tedious writing 1-23 over and over.
Next, I have my Seoul Bucket List which feels even more important this year because we only have 6 months left! So hopefully we can cross all these places off before we leave.
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up: Budget Tracker and Wishlist
Finally, I have our budget planner and my wishlist. We re-did our budget recently so I needed to put our updated budget in an easy to reference place and I updated the way that I set it up so it was easier to follow. I also have my wishlist separated into items we eventually need to get and items that I just want.

I am so happy with how this year's bullet journal came out. I think this is my favorite beginning spreads that I've ever done in five bullet journals.

How are your new year plans coming along?

See you soon :)
Kylie <3
My 2018 Bullet Journal Set-up

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