Friday, October 31, 2014

The Halloween Tag

It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween! Whenever Halloween comes around I think about my favorite Halloween book as a child It’s Halloween by Jack Prelutsky. I think my parents still have it at home and it’s definitely been read and re-read and loved; have you ever read it? What’s your favorite Halloween book (can I add that to this tag lol)? Anyway, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a great Halloween and stay’s safe with whatever they are doing tonight. I can’t say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I do love it since it is in the best season ever! I just watch beautycrush on YouTube do this tag which inspired me to do it and post it on Halloween. So here we go, I hope you enjoy!

#1 What is your favorite Halloween Movie?
I don’t think I have a specific Halloween Movie that’s specifically about Halloween that I love, but here’s a couple movies/shows that I enjoy year round but particularly on Halloween. (1) The Lost Boys, my mom and I love this movie. It is an older movie about a family that movies to California and the sons run into a group of vampires. I love it. (2) The Addams Family, This is a classic movie. I haven’t watched it in years but it always makes me think of Halloween. I want to be Morticia for Halloween one year. I actually saw a Broadway version of this my senior year of high school and loved it! (3) The Nightmare Before Christmas, I see this movie as a Halloween and Christmas movie. I enjoy it nonetheless and find it a cute movie. (4) Finally, the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It’s tradition for me now to watch it every year before Halloween :) I love any Charlie Brown holiday special.

#2 If you were in a horror movie how far would you get?
I would like to say that I would live through the horror movie just because I’ve seen so many that I know that to do and not to do. Let’s just admit, people in horror movies are stupid and a lot of times if they did the smart thing then they wouldn't die in the movie. However, I don’t know what happens to myself when something terrifying like that happens. So I don’t know. My mom also has a book called How to Survive a Horror Movie and is hilarious. I feel like maybe if I read that I might survive.  

#3 What is your favorite memory of Halloween?
Trick-or-treating! I used to love walking around and getting free candy and seeing all the Halloween decorations. As I got older I started loving going to the scary houses. I wish more people did crazy decorated houses, they don’t even have to be scary (for the little ones sake) but seeing the houses that went all out was fun. I miss it now that I’m older. I wish I could go trick-or-treating with my brother and see him enjoy the holiday but unfortunately I can’t :(

#4 Best/Worse Halloween Costume?
I don’t know, I've gone as a witch or vampire for many years lol. I also went as Harry Potter one year when Harry Potter first came out. I was going to go as a student of Hogwarts this year, but I don’t have the money to spend on expensive Halloween Costumes.

#5 How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
I watch scary movies and Halloween movies, I’m automatically in the Halloween/Fall spirit when October first hits so it doesn't take that much for me.

#6 Favorite Halloween decoration?
I don’t think I have one, but like I said earlier I like seeing people who go all out on the Halloween decorations. Right now in my room I have a lot of cute ghost decorations from Target.

#7 Name one unusual thing you’re afraid of?
This is embarrassing, but bathrooms. I don’t know why but I've had issues with public bathrooms my whole life. It’s not as bad now that I’m older but I still get scared every now and again. It’s gotten so bad sometimes that I will not go into bathrooms and wait till whenever I get to one I feel comfortable in. I will also only go into bathrooms in stores that I know. Let’s also add that if there is a fan, I won’t go in and will just turn and walk out. Also, those exhilarator hand-dryers that are super powerful scare the crap out of me. I’m weird. Don’t judge me.

#8 Vampires or zombies?
For a while after Twilight, I was obsessed with vampires. But now, I love zombies. I think they’re funny and cute in a weird way.

#9 Werewolves or Ghosts?
Ghosts. Again, after Twilight I liked werewolves but that phase is gone and I like ghosts now. I do like the Twilight werewolves that look that gigantic wolves, but I don’t much care for the upright walking werewolves.

#10 Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?
I am actually not afraid of clowns. The movie It never scared me, and when I see clowns they don’t immediately freak me out. Dolls, however, freak me out really bad; especially porcelain dolls…eek. Let me tell you this story, I was about 8 years old and my parents had given me a porcelain doll for Easter and she was really pretty. One day, I was tying my shoes to go outside and play when I looked up at my doll and I swear I saw her head turn from look at the wall across from her to looking at me beside her and then she blinked. I know it was probably a trick of my mind, but it terrified me and I grabbed my shoes and ran out. I later put the doll in my mom’s room and never liked dolls after that. This was also in the house where I had terrible night terrors for the only time in my life so I’m not taking any chances.

#11 Do you believe in ghosts?
I don’t know if I believe in ghosts per say, but I do believe in energy. Remember how in science we were taught that energy cannot be created nor destroyed? Well I believe that that whatever energies, good or bad, stay where they are. If bad stuff happened in a house and there was a lot of sadness or anger then I believe that stays and affects whoever else is there. If there was happiness in the place then I believe that stays as well. Ghosts may or may not exists, but you never know. A restless soul may linger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you do it as well then please comment and tell me so I can read it :).

Happy Halloween and Thank you for reading!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Empties #2

First, can we talk about how cute that ghost is? I have ghosts in my dorm right now and I think they are adorable. I thought since it's almost Halloween that I would have a Halloween style title picture. But anyway, I’m back with another empties! This came sooner than I expected since it takes me forever to use anything up, but it came; mainly because I cleaned out my make-up and nail polish collections. I hope you guys enjoy seeing what I've used up since the last empties!

#1 Simple Oil-Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes
I love most of the Simple Products; I use their face wash, their make-up wipes, and their toner. Their products don’t break me out and are gentle and don’t contain many terrible ingredients (always a plus). I enjoyed these make-up wipes, they took off my face make-up very easily, are very soft, and don’t break me out. They don’t take off eye make-up well, but I haven’t found any brand of make-up wipes that actually take off waterproof eyeliner and mascara without scrubbing your eyes out of your head.

#2 Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream
For me shaving cream is shaving cream. I always go for the sensitive skin types because my legs are waaayyy to sensitive. I don’t know if this does anything special because shaving always irritates me, but this may help a little. It smells good though, so that’s a plus! I do recommend this as I have repurchased this at least 10 times.

#3 Pantene Curl Perfection Conditioner
I think I had a conditioner in my last empties :P oh well. I love Pantene, my hair is always super soft and healthy looking after using it. I don’t have a favorite version of the Pantene, I just grab which ever one looks like it’s what my hair needs.

#4 Ponds Cold Cream
I tried this because I've heard a lot of good things about this but I HATED it! I loved how it melted my eye makeup off like butter but it broke me out super bad. At least it wasn’t super expensive so it’s not a huge waste but it sucked for me.

#5 Secret Deodorant in So Very Summerberry
I've used secret deodorant for many, many years and it’s the only deodorant that actually works for me. Plus they have some really great smelling scents which is wonderful. I feel like deodorant is pretty self-explanatory lol.

#6 Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Honey
I think this is my second (?) Dream Matte Powder. I do like this powder, it’s small and compact which I like because it fits in my purse nicely without taking up too much space. It also does a nice job containing oil and as a touch up powder. I also like that it doesn’t look cakey. I will probably re-purchase soon as a purse powder.

#7 Rimmel Clean Finish Matte Foundation in True Ivory

I like Rimmel London products; however, I don’t like this foundation. I got it because it was cheap and I needed a new foundation. I like the spatula just because I think it’s fun. I don’t like the actual foundation because it doesn’t blend well. Even when I use a primer, I find that it doesn’t blend very well and is very patchy. I don’t recommend this.

#8 Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color in #37 Tangerine

I've had this for years and I love this kind of color for summer. The only reason I’m throwing this out is because it’s old and goey and I haven’t used it in years. I found a new tangerine-y color that I love also from Sally Hansen and it’s the Xtreme Nail Color in #405 Coral Reef or Essie’s Peach Daiquiri. Both of those are similar orange-y pinkish colors that I LOVE.

#9 Sally Hansen Age Correcting Growth Treatment
I think this was my moms and it’s been in my collection for many years and I don’t use it and I never have so I don’t have an opinion on it. I think my mom likes it though, but I’m not sure.

#10 Sally Hansen Color Wear Maximum Adhesion Base Coat
I never not use a base coat, I have found that it does help my nail polish last longer and it keeps the nail polish from staining my nails! I had when my nails have a tinge of the nail color I last used or turn yellow and I’ve found that a base coat really helps. Again, I think this was my moms and it just made its way into my collection. I have used it a few times and it was pretty good; however I don’t know if Sally Hansen still sells this. I use Revlon’s base coat and really enjoy it if you want a base coat but can’t find the Sally Hansen one.

#11 Loreal Paris Limited Edition nail color in #913 Patent Black Gold

I've had this for years, it’s a pretty black with gold shimmer. I don’t wear black Nail Polish often, but this was a really pretty one; it just turned goey and I don’t use it enough to thin it out.

That’s it for this empties post! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve used up since the last one!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Love Fall Tag

Fall is absolutely my favorite season, ever. I love the feeling that comes with fall, the crisp fall air, the changing color of the leaves, and the change in wardrobe. I wish I lived in a place where it felt like fall and not summer, but maybe one day I will be in a place where when October hits it starts to feel and look like fall. In honor of my favorite season, I am going to do the I love Fall Tag.

#1 Favorite Lip Product?
From the time fall hits in October till when winter ends in April, I love wearing deep berry colors on my lips. I have many favorites, but right now is one that I recently purchased: Milani’s Sangria. The lipstick is a dupe for MAC’s Rebel and I love that I can apply it lightly and get a light berry color or add layers and make it darker. It’s so versatile and definitely the perfect fall color for me :)
Some runners-up would be Revlon’s Raspberry Pie Lip Butter, Revlon Berry Smoothie Lip Butter, Covergirl Berry Twist Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss (BTW, all three of those look wonderful layered over MAC’s Amorous), and finally another new lip product: Maybelline Mesmerizing Magenta.

#2 Favorite Nail Polish?
Much like with my lip products, I love my nails to be dark purples, maroons, blues, and browns; however my go to nail polish color this season is Wet and wild’s Limited Edition Matte in So Berry on Trend. I am obsessed with these berry/maroon colors right now and I can’t way to find more items in this color. In regards to the nail polish, it has a decent staying power, but I always use a base coat and a top coat (especially if I don’t want it to be matte).
Runner-Up: Revlon Roasted Chestnut, a very pretty reddish brown color with gold shimmer.

#3 Favorite Starbucks Drink?
I never had a Starbucks addiction before I came to college because Starbucks is expensive; but after coming to college and having $225 Dining Dollars to spend, I tend to spend them on the Starbucks here. I’m not usually someone who likes hot coffee, but right now I love a white chocolate mocha extra hot and then I add a dash of cinnamon and/or nutmeg depending on what they have and then it tastes like Christmas in a cup. :) I also love adding a pumpkin bread to my order, it’s my favorite pastry from Starbucks. The pumpkin bread is so fall flavored to me, I love having pumpkin flavored stuff.

#4 Favorite Fall Candle?
Unfortunately living in a dorm I’m not allowed to have candles, but if I could, there are a few from Bath and Body Works that I would love to have. Since I don’t own any, I can’t pick just one so here are three: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, and Sweater Weather. I love my candles to be warm and spiced; I don’t much care for sweet scents when it comes to candles or anything really.

#5 Favorite Fall Scarf/Accessory?
I love scarves and boots! They’re so warm and cozy and comfortable, ah, I can’t wait until its cold enough here for me to start wearing this stuff again. I have two scarves that I feel like I can wear with anything, and happen to be the first two scarves I've ever got (fashion scarves wise). A purple and gray cheetah print and brown and gold and dark teal colored scarf.

#6 Which is your favorite: Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride or Haunted Corn Maze?
Haunted House for sure! My first haunted house was sophomore year and my friends and I went to the scariest haunted house in Colorado Springs: Mind Seizure! I had a blast even though I think I closed my eyes and screamed the whole through the house, but I loved it! I am a total adrenaline junkie and I love being scared. For the past three years since moving from Colorado, I've been trying to find people who would be willing to go to a haunted house with me but to no avail. I’m hoping this year I’ll be able to go to one :)

#7 Favorite Halloween Movie?
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! :) I've watched this movie every year since I was little and it screams Halloween for me and I love it. I watch all the Charlie Brown specials for every holiday and I try to never miss a year. Since I don’t have a television, I am going to find another way to watch it this year.

#8 Favorite Halloween Candy?
Anything chocolate! I am such a chocoholic, so basically any chocolate based candy bar. I don’t have much to say on this one, haha.

#9 What are you dressing up as?
Honestly, I don’t know yet. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on one. But since I am loving and absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter right now, I kind of want to go as Hermione Granger. I went as Harry Potter when I was like 6 or 7 for two years because I was totally in love with him lol.

#10 Favorite thing about fall?
I basically said this in the beginning but the feeling that comes with fall, the crisp air, the colors and wardrobe. Sure fall hasn't hit in the south yet, but it will!

You guys should also do this tag and send me a link so I can see your favorite things :)

Thanks for reading!