Thursday, November 2, 2017

Goodbye October 2017

Goodbye October 2017 - October Recap
Did it seem like October seemed to go by faster than any of the other months? It’s one of my favorite months since it starts my favorite time of year but I feel like it went by so fast that I didn’t even get to enjoy it. I still had a good month though.

Reading //
Goodbye October 2017 - October recap
I read two books and got mostly done with one and halfway done with another. I read the second book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and it was great. I had a hard time with it at first because I had read Daughter of Smoke and Bone freshman year of college, four years ago, and it took me a long time to remember what happened and get back into the world. Once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it but it took me a while to read because it was so hard to get into. This is not a series you should wait too long between books with. I also read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because it was free with Kindle Unlimited and I really wanted to start using my new Kindle!
Goodbye October 2017 - October recap
I am nearly done with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Harry Potter books have been what I read in bed at night before I sleep since I can read on my Kindle without waking Mark up. I am also halfway through Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I really wanted to finish both but didn’t in time.

Watching //
There haven’t been that many good movies in Korean theaters this month and the on-base theater hasn’t played anything good either, so no new movies this month. We did watch some Halloween movies from my Halloween list and that was a lot of fun. We also watched more of The Flash and of course, Stranger Things. We are watching it slowly since it’s only 9 episodes long and season 3 won’t be out until next October. But we’re really enjoying it.

I decorated for fall and Halloween, of course. I would have gotten some more decorations had I had access to Target but alas, putting out the decorations we do have was fun. I also got a couple new Halloween mugs.
Goodbye October 2017 - October recap
Goodbye October 2017 - October recap
We went on a little mini hike with some friends to a little temple near where we live and we explored a botanical gardens which were beautiful.
We tried Indian food for the first time ever and really enjoyed it! We love finding places to eat that are close to us and not on the other side of Seoul. We also at a Beef & Leaf that’s down the street from our house that I originally hated but enjoyed this time around. So yay for finding new places to eat!
We live right by an Air Force base and they had an air show this month and the flight path was over our house. So we got to sit on our balcony and watch the jets do cool tricks and fly-bys. We also got to ride in a helicopter around Seoul for free through the military base! It was an incredible experience and such a great way to view the city.
Finally, we carved pumpkins and watched Charlie Brown. Mark did the Halo Game symbol and the Bat, I did the Jack-o-Lantern. It’s not Halloween for me if I can’t at least do those two things.
Overall, we had a fun month with a few new experiences and great new food!

November //
I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving! This will be our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, while he works that day, either we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving on another day or I’ll have Thanksgiving dinner cooked for when he gets home. I also can’t wait to start our Christmas celebrations as I am a Christmas fanatic.

How was your month and what are you looking forward to next month?

Talk to you soon!

Kylie <3

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