Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Series I Probably Won't Finish

It’s been longer than I would have liked since I last posted, my bad. Mark has switched to a night schedule at work and since he works a couple days, is off a couple days, works a couple days, and so on. With him being a night, we’ve been trying to figure out how our sleep schedule and whether we should or shouldn’t switch back to days when he’s off and it’s just been rough. We’ve slept such weird hours and so much that not much has gotten done. But we’re finally adjusting…I hope.

Anyway, I was looking at all the series I’m currently reading, which are numerous because I have a hard time finishing series. I just don’t want the world to end! But I was also looking at the series that I don’t plan on finishing for whatever reason. I thought I’d come tell you guys, maybe it’ll help you decide what series to pick up or not pick up. Unfortunately, there won't be pictures because I don't own any of the first books anymore...oops.

1) I am Number 4 - Pittacus Lore //
This series seemed so good when it first came out, and it was. However, I just stopped caring. I never really had the desire to continue with the series. I even got the second book from a thrift store but I just never wanted to pick it up. Usually, with series, I think about them a lot but this one left my mind immediately.

2) House of Night - P.C. Cast //
I loved this series. I started reading it when only two or three books had come out. I laughed and cried with the characters. I truly loved it. I read it up to sophomore year of college. Why did I stop? Because there are so many books that I cannot remember where I left off. I have tried too. I’ve gone to the bookstore and tried to look at the books and figure out where in the last 4 novels that came out to see where it was I left off. I’ve googled synopses to get more detail. But I just can’t figure it out. So I’m just not going to finish the series. If you haven’t read it and enjoy vampire novels, it’s great.

3) Virals - Kathy Reichs //
I read book one, bought books two and three, and I just haven’t finished it. I remember enjoying books one. I remember a little bit of what happened in the book but I just don’t have a desire to finish it. If I was going to finish it, I would have read book two at least. But I haven’t and I probably won’t.

4) Divergent -  Veronica Roth //
Yes, I know. This is one of those series that everyone has read, even people who don’t read a lot. I read book one and enjoyed it before it became a big deal. Then I wanted to read the sequels for a while. But they never came out in paperback! I read through young adult books in a day or two, so spending twenty-plus dollars on a hardback that I’ll read in a day is not worth it. So I always wait for books to come out in paperback. Usually, it takes about six months to a year. NOT THESE BOOKS. Eventually, I had friends who bought them and let me borrow book two, My mom read it and I read it and we both thought it was okay. She finished the series but I never wanted to. I was disappointed as it was, I already know how it ends. I’m just not finishing it.

5) Maximum Ride - James Pattersom //
Oh, how I loved this series. But it never ends. I read it when the first book came out. And I’ve read every book since. I thought that it would end with Angel. But then two more books have come out. I may eventually end up finishing it because let’s be honest, putting it on this list kind of hurts; I really did enjoy this series. But I just don’t think I have much care to continue it. I wasn’t as in love with Angel as I had been with the others. So for the moment, I’m saying that I’m not going to finish it.

What are some series you aren’t going to finish? To be honest, I probably have more but I’m in the middle of so many series that I don’t even know all of them.

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