Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Favorites

     July is already over, I can’t believe it. Summer is already over. My baby brother starts his first day of Kindergarten soon (!) and then in a couple weeks I go back to school for my sophomore year of college. Time just flies by.
     This is my first ever favorites post so it may not be the best but hey, you don’t learn if you don’t practice 
1) Make-up Favorite: Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation in 825 buff beige. I was skeptical to buy this product at first because I heard that it oxidizes terribly and that it caused break outs on some people. But I heard so many other good reviews that I gave in and decided to buy it and I must say I love it. It kind of reminds me of Revlon Colorstay, which unfortunately breaks me out extremely bad, but the Covergirl doesn’t break me out! It has great staying power and doesn’t get oily until the end of the day (unless it’s very hot and humid, but even then it is not that bad) and I don’t use a setting powder or spray most of the time, I only use a primer under this foundation. This is now my top favorite foundation J

2) Skin Care Favorite: Garnier Moisture-Rescue gel cream in the original formula. I have used this for probably two years and have gone through about four or five bottles of this (it lasts forever) and have also tried the dry-skin version (didn’t like it as much but it’s still good) but after trying out other face moisturizers and being in the sun all the time, I have really noticed how much I really love this moisturizer. It does not leave me that greasy, oily feeling after applying that many face lotions do and it absorbs almost instantly (which I love), it has never caused me to break out which is important since I have acne prone skin. I have also noticed my skin is noticeably softer and has no dry patches when I use this. The only downside is that it does not have SPF, which sucks, but I have yet to find a face lotion with SPF that does not break me out and turn my face into a frying pan.

4) Hair Product Favorite: Coconut Oil. My mom got me this one from Wal-Mart and I use it as a deep conditioner for my hair, a body lotion, and an after-shave skin soother/moisturizer. It smells great, like a tropical coconut.  I love that it is super moisturizing; I’ve noticed great improvements in my hair texture and look when I use it and it makes my legs super soft after I shave. I don’t have much to say about this one, but trust me. It works wonders. I haven’t cooked with it yet, I may have to try to though.

5) Favorite Book: “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman. I loved this book, it was a very quick read but was very memorable. It follows the narrator as he remembers a scary, strange time of his childhood. It was a great example of how children perceive the world and how adults may not see things the same way as well as the frustrations you feel as a child not being able to control your life.  I honestly don’t know what I was expecting out of this book, but since I enjoyed “The Graveyard Book” by the same author I figured I would like this one and I did. It was an interesting almost fantasy style novel with otherworldly, creepy beings and interesting places. I really recommend this book.

6) Favorite Song One Ocean by Chevelle from their new album La Gargola. I absolutely love it, the whole album is amazing and is one of their best if not their best album and this is my favorite song off of the album. I love them all but this one just mesmerizes me. The first time I heard it I knew it would be my favorite, but I can’t describe my love for it. It’s relaxing and reminds me of the ocean and I can just visualize waves when listening to this song. It’s just amazing.

7) Favorite Show: Orange Is the New Black! I didn’t think I would like it but then one day my boyfriend and I decided to give it a chance and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. If you don’t already know it’s about life in a women’s prison and how these women get through their time. It’s interesting, funny and drama-filled. We binge watched the first 2 seasons of the show and I was sad to finish the second season because now I have to wait till next year for season 3, ugh! I highly recommend this show, unless you’re offended by nudity, language or same-sex relationships.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, please let me know what was good and what I should change for the next one and I hope you try some of these out! 

Thanks for reading!


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