Thursday, February 5, 2015

Recently Watched: Dexter

I have been watching Dexter for about a year now because I had times where I wasn't able to watch it, but when I could watch it, I would binge-watch a whole season in one night. I recently finished all eight seasons as of January 24, 2015. Let us begin with the fact that I am terrible at finishing series, whether it is a book series or a television series. I just don’t want the worlds to end so finishing Dexter is a feat for me.

I loved this show so much. It’s sort of like a crime show because Dexter is a Forensic Blood Splatter Analyst for Miami Metro Police and they solve at least one serial murder case a season. But the twist on the crime drama is that Dexter himself is a serial killer who only kills criminals who slipped through the system. There is a lot of suspense throughout the show as we see Dexter get himself into different situations and somehow gets out of them. There is a lot of character development involving Dexter which I really enjoyed; it was interesting to see Dexter grow and change slightly though the show. I laughed and cried a lot during the show and thoroughly enjoyed all of the seasons. As for the finale, I won’t say anything that would be a spoiler but it did not end how I expected it to end nor did it end how I would have liked it to end in a perfect world.

To be honest, I feel lost without Dexter. I miss watching it; I know that I can just re-watch it but it isn't the same as the first time I watched it and didn't know what would happen. Plus, there are a lot of other shows out there that I need to watch, but I’m having trouble moving on. Dexter holds a special place in the Television part of my heart haha.
In short, I absolutely loved watching Dexter and I totally recommend it!

Have you watched Dexter? What are your thoughts on the show? What are some shows I should watch next?

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