Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Years Resolutions

So I know it’s already more than half way through January, but I still want to post one of these. The holiday season is over which really upsets me; I love the holiday season and it always flies by. New Year’s really isn't that big of a deal for me like it is for some people. However, I do feel the pull of a new start and creating resolutions or goals. Mine aren't the typical “work out” even though I probably should but they are things that I feel would better my life.

1) Keep up with my school work: Every semester I have a goal to do better in school and to not procrastinate; however, I always start out doing really good and end up not doing well toward the middle and then end up freaking out because I slacked off for two months. For some reason I always stop caring in a way and I hate that I do that. I want that to stop. I’m making a goal to stay on top of my work, do all the assignments even if they aren't worth much, and to care for all four months of the semester. I’m thinking about making a post about halfway through the semester to let you guys know how I’m doing on this.

2) Blog Consistently: I’m sure you guys can tell, but I’m really bad at blogging consistently. I love blogging; it made me realize that I do, in fact, like to write. I just keep reaching this blocks where I don’t know what to write. I feel like I don’t know where my blogging niche is, but I brainstormed with my boyfriend the other night and I feel like he helped me think of some topics that I’m passionate about. So that should make it easier to blog more and consistently. I want to start out with one day a week and when I have done that consistently for a while then move up to two or three times a week. Eventually I want to get Photoshop and start being able to do really nice looking cover photos and have better pictures as well as move up and have my own domain. I want this blog to grow.

3) Become a better blog person: I found different blog planners on Pinterest that help plan out and keep track of when you post, how many times you comment on another person’s blog, and when you do social media work. I found daily and weekly planners and I plan on using them to help me get in the habit of tweeting and commenting on other people’s blogs. I want to be a part of this community and network with other bloggers.

4) Write 10 minutes a day: As an English and Journalism Major, I already have a lot of writing that I have to do; but I always read from other writers that in order to get better as a writer you need to write daily. I believe that because the more you write the better you become at writing. I get daily e-mails from this blogger, Sarah Selecky, where she sends you a 10 minute writing prompt every morning. If you want to get this e-mails as well click here

5) Create better morning and night routines: I love watching people’s morning and night routines on YouTube. Now, they may not be their true morning/night routine but I like to think that they actually have such peaceful routines. I need to take better care of my skin and what not and I feel like having a set routine would help. 

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