Thursday, September 18, 2014

What's on my phone?

Am I the only person who is super curious and love looking and seeing what people have in their purses, their drawers, and even their phones? I don’t know, but I know I love watching the what’s in my bag videos on YouTube as well as the what’s on my phone videos. I’m not an iPhone person (no offense to those who love iPhone) but I have IOS and just prefer Android over Apple. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4; this is not my first Android nor will it be my last. I’ve had an Android for a good 6 years now so I know the operating system and know the apps that I love. If you’re looking for a new phone and don’t want an iPhone, I recommend a Samsung, HTC or LG G3 phone depending on what’s important to you. Can we stop and talk about the new Galaxy Note 4? The advertisement for it is hilarious and it looks like an awesome phone.

So anyway, enough babbling, I’m going to show and talk about what’s on my phone. I won’t go through all the apps, but I will talk about my favorites. I will have pictures at the very end that show my menu so that you can see all of my apps.

Lock Screen
My Home Screen is Barcelona, Spain because I really want to go to Spain. I found the background on a travel backgrounds application (I don't remember which one, sorry)! The applications on the bottom are the most important Applications and ones that I tend to like to reach easily. So I have my phone (which also leads to contacts and what not), Snapchat, Go SMS Pro, Camera, and the App Drawer or menu. Go SMS Pro is my all-time favorite messaging application. I have been using this app the whole time I’ve had an Android and has followed me to all my phones at some point in the phone’s life. I highly recommend it, I also use the Emoji plug-in for the application as well as different themes.

Home Screen
This is the screen with my most used applications and it is not set up like a typical galaxy. At the top I have my clock, set to military time because it’s what I’m used to. The first application is Instagram which I used to use all the time but lately I haven’t been as into it. But it’s still on my home screen. My second application is Pinterest. My. Addiction. I love Pinterest, I am always killing time on it. It’s been acting up for the past two months, none of the updates have fixed the issues :( I’m hoping that soon they’ll fix the issues because this is my favorite application. The next two I have are Tumblr (another longtime favorite) and Facebook because who doesn’t have these on their phone? I love music so I have Pandora and Spotify on quick reach so I can quickly get music going if I don’t want to listen to my own. I also have my banking app (USAA), Gmail, Chrome and Gallery so I can find those easier.

Left Home Screen
These are apps I use, but not as often. The top widget it my Google Play Music for my personal music which I keep on the Google Play cloud because I only have 6 gigabytes of free memory on my phone so I need to make sure that’s saved for applications and photos. I don’t like how the stock alarm clock won’t make noise if I have my phone on vibrate or silent -__- so I downloaded the Alarm Clock Xtreme free and it works well, but I mean it’s just an alarm clock. Also, if we want to order food from on campus dining areas, we can use our phones so that is what Tapingo is for. Flixster is my favorite movie application for finding show times and I’ve tried many. I also like cheap gas so I got GasBuddy to help me find the cheapest gas in my area. I also have the Bible application which is, in my opinion, the best Bible application. The rest of the Applications are productivity applications that I don’t like going into the App Drawer to find, so things like calculator, calendar, and Google Drive.

Right Home Screen
This is the Home Screen that I keep a lot more widgets on. My google search bar is at the top of the screen. I use The Weather Channel app for my weather needs and have this widget so that I can easily find the temperature. Remember how I said I love music? I use the Shazaam app to identify music on the radio; I used to use the Verizon application for it, but they removed it so I began using Shazaam and to be honest…I like it more. I like that it comes with this widget button that I can just press and hold to find the song and I don’t have to wait to long for the app to load and possibly miss the song. I also have the assistive light widget, it’s just an off/on button for my flashlight on the phone. Other notable apps include YouTube, Plume for Twitter, and Google+ Hangouts. Kitty Play is the app I use to get themes for my messaging app. I am also currently trying out inhabit (habit tracker) and Viggle (a music application) so I don’t have opinions on that yet.

The rest of the pictures are of my application menu, this shows all the applications on my phone: all the Samsung and Verizon Bloatware and other applications that I have downloaded that I don’t feel are important enough to be on the Home Screen.


Tell me, what are your favorite applications and what kind of phone do you have?
Thanks for reading!

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