Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dorm Room Christmas Decorations

I know we just had Halloween and it’s not even thanksgiving yet, but I’m already super into the Holiday spirit. I’m one of those crazy Christmas people, am I the only one? I love the Holiday season, it makes me so happy and it’s amazing. I already have Christmas music in my car (Michael Buble anyone?) and it’s beginning to look like Christmas threw up all over my room. I have a baby Christmas tree all decorated, skirt and all and garland on my window. Part of the reason I have already decorated my room is because I will only be in my dorm for two weeks after thanksgiving so I won’t have enough time to enjoy a Christmas-y room. The other reason is just because I’m a super holiday freak and I love Christmas. It makes me so happy :).

As for what this actual post is about: I’m going to be talking about the decorations in my room and different idea that I may or may not be doing in my own room but would love to do. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of all the garland, but I will still tell the price and what not. Just so I don’t have to say it for everything, all of the stuff shown in the pictures is from Target. I don’t know about you guys, but Target is my favorite place ever. I can spend so much time in there and they always have so much for the holidays.
Before my most recent payday, I went to Target just to kill time and because I was bored just sitting in my dorm and I saw that they had small trees! I wanted one last year but couldn’t find a really nice one for cheap. So I got one from Old Time Pottery and I loved it but I was small, almost like a Charlie Brown tree so my ornaments looked huge on. I also left it at home so it wasn’t doing me any Christmas goodness at the dorm so I got a new one. So when I go home my room will have two trees :). You should be able to find it in the Christmas section in the back of Target. They also have Silver, Gold and maybe pink? Or Blue? I don’t remember but they have a variety of colors. It’s $8 and is a garland material instead of pine-y.

Near the tree at all targets near me they have garland and baby ornaments that you can use to decorate your tree. I got silver garland (I’m sorry I forgot pictures) for $3 and one was enough to wrap the tree. I got Gold, Green, and Red mini bulbs and some blue, pink, and green stars both sets were $3 and came with plenty bulbs; 1 pack should be enough but if you want variety like me then 2 packs is plenty. I also found a tiny tree topper in the same area, I got the Gold one but they have a bunch of other colors and it was only $1! Finally, they had mini tree-skirts hanging up which I also thought was just adorable. Like everything else, they had a variety of colors and patterns. I got a simple, kind of traditional green one that says Merry Christmas and Let it Snow on it with little Christmas designs. Here are pictures of the set up and the final tree <3.

Right now, the only other Christmas decoration I have in my room is garland lining my window. I found some garland in the dollar spot at Target. I got two of them, a green and red and a silver. I originally planned of having one around my window and one around my door. But then I got back and unraveled it and it was really, really short. It could be used on the tree honestly. So instead of having both my window and door lined. I have my window lined with half of it being green and red and half being silver. It’s still really pretty though. I want some decorative Santa Clauses, snowflakes, penguins, snowman, etc. to hang on my wall but I don’t have the money for that right now. But over the years I’ll build up my collection of holiday decorations so it’s okay :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. What is your favorite season and are you as into the holiday season as I am?

Thanks for reading!


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